Below is the resolution that The Meridian Hills Twin Council adopted at the meeting of November 12, 2018concerning the 75th Street path.
  1. Agreement from the council that the goal of the pathway study is ” to investigate the options that the Town has to create a safe pathway between Spring Mill and College.”The pathway options would be weighed against the following criteria; support from the town, budget, impact on the neighbors’ homes, vegetation and drainage.   The design will be high quality and befitting of the Town.
  2. To reset the discussion, the Council will agree that the large, 10-foot-wide, pathways will negatively impact too many property owners and will be removed from consideration.
  3. To move the discussion, forward the following two committee will be created; Design, and Finance. The committees will be led by one council member and one town member.  The committees will meet and define the process and schedule to move forward.  The committees will be staffed by residents of the town, as volunteers. Those that may be affected by the project will encouraged to be on the committees.


The goals of the committees will be as follows, additional goals can be added.


  1. Define the best location in the town for the pathway and then meet with the most affected home owners to solicit their support (or not) and understand their concerns.
  2. Define a good, better, best design with a cost estimate and impact statement at the end of Concept and Design development.
  3. This information will be shared with the Finance committees at the end of concept and Design development.


  1. Explore options the town has for funding to create a range that the project will need to be within.
  2. Explore how both donations of land or money could benefit donors.
  3. Define the rules and dates that need to be met to allow the project to apply for grants and other financial support from the City and any other sources.
  4. Public meetings.
    1. The committees at a minimum would hold town hall meetings the end of concept and Design Development to obtain my input from the residents.
  5. The work of both committees would be complete by the end of 2019, With a report to the Town council.
  6. It understood by the Town that this project may not be possible, for a number of reasons but the study will allow us to end the discussion or understand the elements that will need to resolved for the project to move forward.
  7. Communication- the work of the committees with be published on the Web site for all Town members to review.