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If you’re interested in receiving the regular meeting monthly agendas and occasional public safety notices, please send your email address to tobrien@obrienauto.com with “Meridian Hills Opt In” in the subject line. Residents should include street address so your email can be grouped geographically.

  • EMERGENCY – 9-1-1
  • Drainage – 924-3311
  • Police Non-Emergency – 327-3811
  • Meridian Hills Police Administration – 253-5678
  • Call Before You Dig – 8-1-1
  • Mayor’s Action Center – 327-4622
  • Mosquito Control – 221-7440
  • Permitting – 327-8700
  • Potholes – 780-1555 x 126
  • Power Outage – 261-8111
  • Street Lights Out – 261-8111

Please report potholes on Meridian, College, Spring Mill, and 71st/73rd, to the City by contacting the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4622 or www.indy.gov/eGov/Mayor/Pages/MACenter.aspx.

If the potholes are on other streets within the Town, send the location including street address to engineer@merdianhills.org Your prompt notification will help us maintain the high quality of our Town roads, and protect motorists from possible damage to their vehicle.

Thanks for your help!

Eliminate possible breeding grounds for mosquito larvae on your property by cleaning your gutters and downspouts, and preventing standing water in flower pots, tire swings, buckets, etc.  Please call “Mosquito Control” at 221-7440 to request a neighborhood spray or to have the city treat stagnant water on your property.